6 foods that may be hindering your fat loss. Number 5 is a must for everyone

«Ключом к потере веса является предотвращение и преодоление непереносимости пищи».
Симптомы нетерпимости к пище JJ Virgin Food могут включать любое из следующего.
Вздутие, газ, капризность, мозговой туман, несварение желудка, увеличение веса и усталость. Непереносимость пищи также является причиной воспаления в организме, что приводит к множеству неприятных побочных эффектов.
Теперь воспаление – это, по сути, хорошая вещь, как это происходит во время ремонта, страдаете ли вы растяжением лодыжки или мышечным повреждением от тренировки веса. Проблемы возникают, когда воспаление становится хроническим, а заживление не происходит.
Это то, что происходит, когда ваша диета полна воспалительных продуктов. У вашего тела никогда не будет возможности выздороветь, и поэтому вы находитесь в постоянном состоянии воспаления.
Большой 6
1. Клейковина
2. Соя
3. Молочные продукты
4. Яйца
5. Сахар
6. Кукуруза
Как и любая диета, важно строго избегать описанных продуктов. Проверьте приведенные ниже таблицы для некоторых мест, которые эти продукты скрывают.
Источники клейковины
Все отруби Запеченные бобы Печенье
Синий сыр Хлеб, булочка, обертывание Сироп из коричневого риса
Булгурская пшеница Торты, выпечка Конфеты Конфеты Кускус Породы из сыра и сыра Обеденное
Солодовый уксус Солодовые напитки Заправки для салата
Мясо и рыбные пасты Мюсли Блины
Макаронные изделия Печенья Паштеты
Пицца Крендели Принглс
Ржаной хлеб Соусы Раск в колбасах
Большинство пива Завтрак зерновых Супы
Вафли Йоркширский пудинг Белый перец

Gluten Gluten alternative
Pasta, spaghetti Rice pasta, spaghetti squash
Wheat flour, rye flour Coconut flour, almond flour
Couscous Quinoa
The gluten free industry has grown exponentially in recent years. Unfortunately the vast majority of these products are processed garbage filled with just as much nasty stuff as the gluten containing products.
Soy sources
Miso Asian foods Energy bars/shakes
Prepared foods Soy protein powder Tempeh
Soy sauce Teriyaki sauce Textured vegetable protein
Tofu Vegetarian burgers
Dairy sources
Butter Some margarines Chocolate
Cottage cheese Cows, goats, sheep’s milk Yogurt, cheeses
Cream Ice cream Macaroni and cheese
Many canned soups Mashed potatoes Hot chocolate
Protein powder
Egg sources
Baked goods Bouillon Breaded foods
Creamy fillings Ice cream French toast
Fritters Hollandaise sauce Mayonnaise
Noodles Pancakes Quiche
Sausages Waffles Tartar sauce
Sugar sources
Barley malt Cane sugar Brown sugar
Caramel Carob syrup Dextrin
Dextrose Fructose Fruit juice concentrate
Galactose Glucose Honey
High fructose corn syrup Maltodextrin Maltose
Sucrose Rice syrup Maple syrup
Corn sources
Breakfast cereals Corn chips Dextrose
Maize Margarine Vegetable oil
popcorn Hominy Modified corn starch

Inflammation leads to weight gain
• Digestive problems – when inflammation occurs in the gut the body struggles to absorb nutrients. This is why you may still feel hungry and unsatisfied after eating.
• Insulin resistance – insulin is the hormone responsible for moving sugars out of your bloodstream and into the cell around your body. These sugars are then used to provide your body with energy. Inflammation causes excess insulin production. This excess ends up being stored as fat. Over prolonged periods this excess can cause the body to stop producing insulin, which leads to diabetes.
• Chemical changes – inflammation causes your body to misfire chemical messages that you use to tolerate stress, burn fat and keep you satiated. It creates resistance to leptin, the hormone that regulates hunger and fullness. It also makes the body resistant to cortisol, the stress hormone. This leads to higher stress levels, and excessive fat storage around the abdominal area. Excess cortisol production also leads to lower serotonin levels (feel good brain chemical) reducing quality of sleep and overall energy.
• Fluid retention – inflammation helps the body hold onto excess fluids leading to feeling bloated.
• Loss of energy – All of the above lead you to feeling sluggish which makes you move less. This makes you more resistant to insulin and so the cycle continues.
Food intolerances can occur at any time during your life. So you may have handled gluten or dairy well in the past but now they could be causing you problems.
Food intolerances are much more subtle than food allergies. If you ingest something you’re allergic the impact is instant whereas food intolerances can take a few days to appear. For example if I eat sugar, a few days later I will get mouth ulcers. The more sugar I take in the more severe the breakout will be.
What’s okay to eat?
For a lot of you, eliminating the above foods will be a large percentage of your current diet. The following are all great anti-inflammatory sources.
Free range chicken, turkey, lamb, wild fish.
Non starchy vegetables – organic if possible.
Broccoli, spinach, lettuce, kale, cabbage.
Coconut milk, oil
Chia seeds
Flax seed
Extra virgin olive oil
Starchy carbs
Brown rice
Sweet potatoes
How long should the diet be?
Three to four weeks are the general timelines for adults. Children are okay for 7-10 days.
“What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker
The key to any successful diet change is to track everything. It is hard to remember the bagel you ate two days ago unless you record it.
This is where you will find out what foods are causing you problems. Reintroduce one food every few days.
So an example would be to reintroduce eggs on a Monday then Tuesday and Wednesday revert back to the diet and record any changes. If nothing shows up continue the process with the remaining foods until something flares up.
Things to watch out for:
• Joint pain
• Fatigue
• Sinus
• Brain fog
• Bloating
• Sleep
• Headaches
• Skin rashes/ acne.
• Bowel changes.
The most important thing is not to reintroduce everything at once, as you won’t know what if any are causing problems.
Подготовка – самое главное здесь. Убедитесь, что вы подготовлены со всей необходимой едой.
Очистите свою кухню от продуктов, не входящих в список.
Журнал все, что вы ели, как вы себя чувствуете каждый день. Будьте предельно внимательны.

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